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Welcome to my portfolio blog! I am a product storyteller, UX artisan, illustrator, front-end engineer, and prolific open source contributor. I define product discourse through persuasive infographics, succinct data visualizations, and interactive dashboards.

I code performant, functional, testable, future-proof, and trusted JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue, and Svelte. I've enchanted the UX for Abbott Laboratories, Abbvie, CDW, Corporate Express, Hyundai, Microsoft, and Sears.

Opportunities to innovate find me. I communicate, automate, design, simplify, code, test, and deliver.


Product Designer

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Branded Infographic & Logo Design

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Video FX | 3D Motion Graphics

TypeScript ⚡ WASM ✨ NestJS DataVis 👁️ UX 🍭 PWA 👁️ ThreeJS 👁️ UX ⚡ Vue.js and WebGL (WASM 🐹 GoLang) 🍭 🦄 Creative, Business, and Tech ⚡ Creative ⚡ Business ⚡ Technical Agility 👁️ D3 Parallax Three.js && WebGL && GSAP 🍭 UX artisan ⚡ illustrator ⚡ front-end engineer
Good morning Scott, Just wanted to touch base, and see how all is going over at Abbott. I met with Brad about a week and a half ago, and he had great things to say about the job that you are doing. You are actually one of the benchmarks now of the type of person we are looking for that group. Thanks again for the great job you are doing!
  -  Mark Minkin, CIR - Resource Recruiter Vendor Operations
You must be able to communicate to a larger team exactly why a particular element is failing WCAG success criteria and provide examples of how to fix it. Don’t fix it for them but help your team understand how to identify the issue and fix it. Don’t simply make the change, be the agent of change.
  -  Scott C. Krause - Agent of change
Scott has absorbed the complexity of the Abbott Business Intelligence apparatus (Autosys, JBoss, Java, PowerCenter, Informatica MDM, Informatica Data Director, PL/SQL, SOA architecture, CRM). Scott prides himself on his ability to make complex topics approachable. He explains, simplifies and documents.
  -  Hubert Karst - Application Technology Manager
It was a pleasure to work with Scott during many UI improvements Projects for and Scott always stood out for his problem solving skills and is a good listener. He also possess a great creative mind and is an awesome team player. He is an asset to any team and contributes towards the success of any Project.
  -  Ahmed Syed --CSPO & CSM
Achieving accessibility nirvana is not easy for an eCommerce site. If you are uninspired, try to think of it in terms of exposing your business to a new group of shoppers who would have trouble shopping at your competitor’s site.
  -  Scott C. Krause - Accessibility
It is with great pride that I announce Scott Krause’s promotion to Lead Systems Analyst. Scott has distinguished himself with his self-acquired Microsoft product expertise, a game plan both for professional development and project completion, a whatever-it-takes attitude to accomplishing his goals, and is being promoted two grades levels in accordance with the responsibilities he has accepted and perform within the last year. Scott’s leadership with Microsoft initiatives has been far-reaching for TSH, and his ability to envision the applications of their use within TSH products and services is creative and practical. Congratulations, Scott, on a well-deserved promotion.
  -  Anne T. Smyth - President The Systems House, Inc.
Everyone appreciates software that is easy to use. I approach design from an user empathetic perspective. Understanding that Effortless is an achievement not an accident. I design user centric experiences and create high-fidelity prototypes allowing the user to interact with the app before it is developed. I can quickly test new designs and identify small flaws before they become big issues.
  -  Scott C. Krause - User centric design
Scott has taken the forward looking initiative to master the official Salesforce certification curriculum. Cloud applications and particularly Salesforce are among the fastest growing technologies within ADD, within Abbott and within the life sciences / pharma industry. By embracing Salesforce Scott has proven again that he is an effective early adopter and can align his skill growth with the needs of Abbott Laboratories.
  -  Hubert Karst - Application Technology Manager
The Progressive Web App represents the single greatest leap in engagement opportunity since the introduction of the browser. Because of its intimate relationship with the phone the potential to influence the micro-moment behavior of its user is vast and largely unexplored.
  -  Scott C. Krause - Emerging trends
It is back to awesome! Unless you quickly say otherwise, the check will be in the mail. Thank you so much for your quick attention to all the adjustments and fixes. I suspect that I will be referring some others to you. Your work is good and your fees are fair and reasonable. Thanks
  -  Joel Mathews
Scott-  Many thanks for pulling this together. Great job writing it up as even for a non-developer like me, I was able to visualize from your description, what you want them to build. We’ve passed it along to them and will share with you the results to determine their prowess!
  -  Antonio C. - Marketing Director
Scott’s ability to apply creative and innovative approaches to problems is well documented and thoroughly ingrained in his DNA. Scott’s forays into the unexplored have included: - User Centric Design / UX Prototyping - Inspire IT digital communications - Team Crowdsourcing - Java and PL/SQL User Exits - Release Candidate – Change Management - Informatica ETL / PCX - Salesforce / MDM API Integration feasibility
  -  Hubert Karst - Application Technology Manager
I love interaction. I create websites that engage, excite, and inform in a way that is fun. Most of my day is spent enchanting websites with the little details that you will never find in a sea of boring template sites. It's important to present information in a way that tells a story. Like a mystery it should give up its secrets with a few inspired clicks.
  -  Scott C. Krause - Interactive enchantment