I am a problem solver, a visual storyteller, and the sole front-end developer for three large eCommerce sites. My day-to-day responsibilities touch on just about every aspect of eCommerce. I've learned to deliver solutions that have real impact on the customer experience and fuel conversion rates in the highly-competitive eCommerce space.

I craft high-fidelity prototypes and then build responsive, accessible, and aesthetically delightful interfaces. I produce and advocate for optimized, asynchronous, reactive, functional, testable, and future-proof TypeScript and JavaScript. I've enchanted the user experience for Abbott Molecular, CDW, Hyundai, Salesforce, and Sears.



LTD Commodities is an eCommerce retailer offering over 80,000 products and serving 400,000 unique visitors a day. It is my responsibility to ensure that the customer journey is performant, responsive, and delightful on all user agents and devices.

  • Perceptual performance being key to conversion and bounce rates, I redesigned the catalog pages from the ground up to render above the fold instantly, raising the Lighthouse performance and accessibility scores by 22%.

  • Implemented a passive image compression service utilizing Node.js and Gulp. This service has been running unobtrusively for over three years saving terabytes of download, storage, and CDN costs.

  • As a change agent, I advocated, mentored and lead the team to embrace modern front end development practices such as reactive, SPA, offline PWA, WCAG, and TDD.

  • Hackathon Founder of www.Arcanus55.com (eCommerce Progressive Web App)

Abbott is a global leader in diagnostics offering innovative instrument systems for hospitals, laboratories and clinics. I was tasked with building the global Customer Master and Product Hierarchy databases. The objective was to build a single "golden version" of the customer record that could be shared globally to fuel business data insights. I developed a web-based graphical Master Data UI that allows data stewards from 200 countries to maintain their customer data in a single business intelligence repository.

  • Faced with a user rebellion over complicated workflow, I created a seamless transition between the Customer Master app and Salesforce.com. Allowing for the real-time verification of new leads against the Customer Master. The salespeople appreciated the simplification because it allowed them to spend more time generating sales and less time cutting and pasting. Awarded the highest employee evaluation achievable Exceeds Expectations.

  • Marketing requested that 40 segmentation fields be added to the Custom Master. Adding the fields to the database was easy. Adding 40 additional fields to the UI would require some creative problem solving. My eloquent UX was in danger of becoming an unusable behemoth. I created an interactive prototype utilizing optimized real-estate and contextual tabs. Meticulous usability testing and some quick design iterations resulted in the coveted "easy to use" status.

Neo Studios was an interactive design agency that created customer engagement apps, websites, and video. I worked closely with the client in every aspect of the project from creative ideation through launch. It was a prolific couple years in which we launched over a thousand websites.

  • In 2003 I created a simple photo gallery component for auto dealership websites. The component became wildly popular. By 2004 it was difficult to find an automotive site that did not contain some variation of my script.

  • We were hired to execute an employee engagement campaign. I created a Digital Signage app that deployed as a screensaver. It allowed us to repurpose dormant workstations into motivational kiosks. We could broadcast dynamic motivational messages to a sea of cubicles. The targeted "Point of Work" medium changed perceptions and measurably influenced the way people engaged work.