Don’t Lose Your Keys 🗝 Titan Security Keys

Google Titan Key WASM GoLang

The new Google Titan Security Key is a clever way to protect yourself in the unfortunate situation where your gmail password has been compromised.

Simply put, the key is required to sign into your Google account. Imagine for example your password is, well “password”. Some under-achieving hacker might figure that out and gain access to your email, calendar and G-drive. That would suck because Mr. Hacky would then use that account to reset the passwords to your other important accounts, like your bank or Netflix. Well, Mr. Hacky’s plans to watch Bandersnatch on your dime will have been thwarted because he does not possess your physical key.

Not every gmail account has this magic sauce, you’ll have to turn it on. It’s called the Advanced Protection Program. It’s free.

Actually you will have two keys. One to carry with you and one to store in a safe place. One is shaped like an egg and the other is shaped like a small key.

Phishing is a technique that tricks you into divulging your user name and password

A statement of caution. Should you lose or damage both Titan Security Keys you are screwed. I’ve heard horror stories about it taking months to restore access to the Google account. You’ll have to submit DNA samples and endure a body cavity search. Okay, maybe not that extreme but it will not be a pleasant experience because you will be presumed guilty until proven innocent.

This level of security is strong medicine but is it for everyone? The correct answer is, yes! Everyone should learn to take responsibility for their own security. Own it.